Mosquito Bite Allergy

Everyone who has ever been bitten by a mosquito, will know how annyoing these bites can be. They itch and might even burn. And most of the time you didn’t even notice being bitten. After a few days, the symptoms will be gone – unless you have mosquito bit allergy. The effects of one single mosquito bite can be outrageous.

Do I have mosquito bite allergy?

MosquitoIt is absolutely normal to react on a bite of a mosquito. Bites are only caused by female mosquitoes, because she needs the blood to be able to have her eggs. When she bites, she injects saliva in your body. In the saliva are several proteins, which makes it easy for her to drink the blood without clotting.

Everyone reacts in a different way to a bite. Swelling and itching are regular symptoms. But when you are allergic, the swellings are much bigger. If you are bitten next to your joints, the swelling might give you a hard time moving your arms and legs. You could also get bruises and blistering rashes. If you are asthmatic, the bite can even worsen asthma symptoms.

When you react this heavy on a mosquito bite, you may have the ‘skeeter syndrome’, which means you are allergic.

What to do when you think you are allergic?

First of all, prevention is better than cure. Try to avoid places where you know there will be a lot of mosquitoes , like swamps and lakes. Also, wear long sleeved shirts and long trousers. And use an anti-mosquito product that contains DEET. Mosquitoes find human skin by smelling, and DEET disturbs the sense of smell of the mosquitoes.

Mosquito bite allergy testAlso, you will need to go see a doctor. He can run some tests to find out if you have the ‘ skeeter syndrome’ . The best way to diagnose mosquito bite allergy is a skin test using mosquito whole-body extract. The skin test is being used to check for a broad array of allergies, it is performed by pricking the skin with a small needle which contains the substance you want to be tested for. If you are allergic for this substance, your skin will react by showing redness, swelling or other symptoms. Since only a small amount of substance is being used, this is a safe and controlled way to diagnose allergy.

A doctor won’t be able to cure your mosquito bite allergy, but there are some ways to ease the pain. Doctors often prescribe Zyrtec. These general allergy tablets contain cetirizine. This works for a lot of allergies, including insect bites. The symptoms of a bite can be majorly reduced by taking this medicine before being bitten.

Relieve the pain of a mosquito bite

Even when you have seen a doctor and you have been given a medicine, there will still be itchiness and some swelling like non-allergic people experience. To ease the skin around the bite area, use a cold wet cloth to moisten your skin. A mix of vinegar and water or salt and water works also pretty well.